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The Blue Collection
Angela Burns THE BLUE COLLECTION Photos by Ersan ÇELİKTAŞ (1).JPG
Angela Burns THE BLUE COLLECTION Photography Ersan ÇELİKTAŞ (5).JPG
Suyumuz Exhibtion / Goethe-Institut Izmir

Izmir Chamber of Architects, Izmir

The Blue Collection is a series of textile-based fashion illustrations that aim to highlight the fashion industry’s negative impact on planet earth, including environmental degradation, overproduction, and overconsumption. Blue hues and jean remnants are rescued from the rubbish bin and reused to highlight the overwhelming impact that the denim industry has on our water resources.  Blue jeans impact heavily on water resources during the intensive irrigation of the cotton plant and throughout the production process including through the polluting dying and washing phases. Even after reaching the final consumer the jeans continue to pollute the water supply by releasing chemicals and microfibres during the washing process.

This quirky illustration series depicts a collection of garments for men and women inspired by water. It is composed of upcycled fabrics and materials using a variety of techniques including freehand illustration, machine, and hand embroidery.

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