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Lí Ban

Lí Ban was the daughter of Eochaidh, the King of Ulster. When their lands flooded, forming Lough Neagh, Lí Ban was trapped under the lough with only her dog for company. After praying to the goddess Danu to be turned into a salmon so she might escape, she was eventually turned into a mermaid and her dog became an otter. She swam up the River Bann to open sea where she drifted for 300 years before being caught in the fishing nets of the monk Beoan. When she came ashore Comgall baptized her with the name Muirgen and became known as the mermaid saint.


Aengus, the Celtic cupid, is the god of love in Irish mythology and is the son of Dagda and Bóann.  This amorous idol plays cupid with his harp, serenading young maidens and lovers with romantic music.  His kisses change into invisible birds which follow lovers, singing love songs and whispering sweet nothings.

Karagöz & Hacivat

Karagöz (Karagoz) and Hacivat are the two main characters in the Turkish shadow theatre folklore.    Originating during the Ottoman period, Karagöz portrays a Turkish peasant type while Hacivat belongs to the educated classes, the plays depict the contrasting and comic interactions between the two. 

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