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Turkish Popups

Pop-Up Turkey is a collection of original three dimensional, pop-up, and fold-out cards illustrating a variety of Turkish themed scenes.   This whimsical series depicts popular tourist destinations such as Istanbul and Izmir, and landmark geographical spectacles such as Pamukkale and Cappadocia.   Key cultural references related to craft traditions, food culture, and customs have also been examined such as the Turkish breakfast and the Turkish tea ceremony.

Following an extensive research for visual references, rough sketches establish a basic composition for the artworks which are then carefully hand drawn. The artworks are scanned and digitally rendered with patterns and motifs derived from traditional Turkish arts and crafts references.  Hand cutting and collage techniques are used to assemble the final artworks.

Bilkent Library Gallery, Ankara
01/03/2012 - 04/04/2018
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