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Collaged Cultures
Féile an Phobail , Belfast
St Marys, Belfast
02 -10/08/2018

This exhibition explores the intersection of cultural experience as perceived by a migrant in a global context. Comprised of a series of 12 illustrations, the artist has used a combination of freehand illustration, computer rendering, digital printing and embroidery techniques.

The migrant has a different visual perspective of the world. Their reality blends memories of distant places with unique interpretations of the here and now. Their experience is a tension between past and present, and between here and there.  It is the merging of cultures and the transformation of identity.  It involves multiple geographies, cultures, and languages.  The migrant experience is frequently a transformative and mosaicked sense of belonging, often creating turbulence and ambiguity with regards to identity. Using the trajectory of her own life as a framework for this exhibition, the artist explores how her experience of place is always in the context of other places and cultural experiences.  In this series, the artists presents a series of illustrations of her hometown, Belfast, and her adopted homeland, Turkey.  The artist explores a crossover of cultures using digital collage techniques and embroidery to create compositions, which merge different cultural references in distorted compositions.

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